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What People are Saying About Santa Barbara Spice Company

"Santa Barbara Spice Company should include a warning label with its El Capitan Seasoning cautioning unsuspecting consumers of the rub’s addictive properties. We started out just using it on Tri-tip maybe once or twice a month and then it was on our burgers once a week and now we use it EVERYDAY! It’s in my omelets, on our steamed veggies and it is even the new secret ingredient in my Bloody Marys.Curse you Santa Barbara Spice Co for addicting me to your product! (Psst, where can I score some more?)"
- Paul Meyer, Oak View, CA

"What I miss most about Santa Barbara would have to be El Capitan Seasoning! I can not tell you how often I use this fabulous blend of secret herbs and spices. I love it as a poultry coating and especially on fresh grilled fish. My all time favorite snack is popcorn and boring old salt just does not cut it ­ use El Capitan instead of regular salt for your popcorn and you’ll be amazed at how happy your taste buds will be!

"I am also a vegetable lover and use many Asian ingredients in my cooking; this salt blend compliments sesame oil, soy sauce and goes so very well with veggie stir fries and any veggie recipe! As a person who is not a huge fan of salt by itself, I was amazed at how quickly I became hooked on El Capitan Seasoning!"
- Lisa Lewis, Portland, OR

"Attention vegetarians! El Capitan is great on wide variety of foods besides tri-tip. We use it in salad dressings, sautéd vegetables, omelets, seafood, fish; even tofu! It is the perfect blend of spices for almost any dish."
- Andreina Diaz and Irene Chan, Santa Barbara, CA

"Ever since you sent me some El Capitan Seasoning I have been wanting to respond. WOW! I don’t need to tell you how much I enjoy the spice and you already know how much of a hit it was on our fishing trip in camp. Needless to say, I need more."
- Doug Grammer, Citrus Heights, CA

"Thanks for the spice... It’s unreal!"
- David Pu’u, Ventura, CA

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